Pre-diploma course

The purpose of pre-diploma course in the Department of Oral Surgery is theoretical and practical preparation of a student to individual work as a dentist and to post-diploma training.
The course is designed to provide the comprehensive knowledge in aetiopathogenesis, symptomatology and diagnostics of the diseases of oral cavity and the jaws. It lasts two academic years and includes lectures, seminars and practical classes (255 hours in total, including 160 hours during the fourth and 95 during the fifth year). There are 4 students during practical classes. They rest on local anaesthesia procedures, simple extractions and assisting during operations. Final test is administered when the term-course finishes. Final (theoretical and practical) examinations are conducted after finishing the whole course. During the two-year course a student is obliged to performed 30 extractions at least. The ten-days summer practice are organised every year.
Furthermore, for students interested in oral surgery, the scientific circle has a meeting every second week. Every year about 30-50 students attend its meetings. They prepare lectures and papers which are presented on domestic and international students’ scientific conferences.

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